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Shh… Nah, just kidding, please, I encourage you to share these free tips,
’cause they have helped me tremendously and I hope that they do the same to help you! 🙂

good_n_natural_-_turmeric_curcumin_2Turmeric supplement or whole root – $6.50 bottle, $3.50 root – Asian markets

Just as effective as NSAID anti-inflammatory scripts, but good for you without the weird side effects, i.e., depression, more pain, fatigue, ulcers, etc. Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that improves circulation and rejuvenates cells– which means you feel better and look younger– no gimmicks here! Used for arthritis, improves brain functionality and memory and has been shown to reduce energy of heart disease and cancer. Heed with caution, as it may initially upset your tum-tum. Take several times daily.

dark-sweet-cherriesCherries – $3-5 a bunch – Farmer’s Market

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, delicious, sleep/mood aid by promoting melatonin production, wards off Alzheimer’s, cancer and hypertension.

Aloe Vera Juice – $8 – Trader Joe’s

Helps with joints, digestion, hydration and skin.
Great in smoothies, pre/post-workout, soups, on the skin.
Refrigerate after opening, y’alls!

happy_eggs_by_puffy7-d35j1k4Egg mask – $1-3 carton – 99 Cent Store, holla!

Use egg yoke alone or mix with coconut oil, avocado or neem oil. Naturally extracts blackheads, shrinks pores and is on the cheap!
When mixing in oils, it especially soothes the skin.
Leave on for 7-15 minutes depending on how quickly it dries. It will start to crackle. Be careful, because if you leave it on for too long, it will make your face red!
Twice a week is sufficient.


Neem face lotion – $11 – Amazon

This is the best face lotion that I’ve tried, ever. It has reduced my wrinkles, I swear, knocking off 5 years. It lasts for a month or two and is a pretty good price.
Use twice daily or as needed.

81fw8wszduL._SL1500_Dr. Thayer’s Alcohol-free rose petal which hazel – $11 – Amazon

Softly cleans, soothes, hydrates and protects skin from our spotty environment, smells great,
lasts long, natural.
Use twice daily or as needed.


Neem oil – $11 – Amazon

Mix in a little with your lotion for body and face. This is a power East Indian antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that lessens wrinkles.
Use as needed.

61+i7-OzuVL._SL1500_Coconut oil – $6-12 – Trader Joe’s, Amazon

Coconut oil works amazingly in facemasks, on hair, skin, for a healthy cooking alternative, in baking and smoothies! You can splurge here or pop into Trader Joe’s. It’s basically the same stuff, organic or not, so don’t fret on the dollar expenditure.

Want pretty whiter teeth? Want to tox out your body? Oh, man, this stuff rocks!
Try ayurvedic oil pulling: Gently swish a teaspoon or less of this in your mouth for about 15-20 minutes until oil becomes thick and milky white (please don’t insert dirty joke here… or do), spit out and brush teeth per usual. Warning: It’ll be gross and dirty in your mouth hole as it’s pulling out toxins from your body, so please refrain from swallowing the milky custard. I can personally cope with it day or night, but it’s suggested to do when you’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, as some people become nauseous. Please don’t be deterred from this, the health benefits far outweigh any feelings of discomfort. As they say, “You gotta get through the sh– of the storm to hit smooth sailing.”

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